Comic. August 2017, Spegel - Atersken, From the book Senseless appeared this kind of guide ¨how to use the mirror to see your reflection¨. We liked the idea of working with the magic of the continuously intertwined, so we poured our time into making Senseless more understandable, it was esencial. In principle it was considered as an extension of the book mentioned above, until we saw its real potential, remaining by itself as an idea. And it is that in Spegel - Atersken we seek to explain our vision of how we should look at our reflection, the unknown place from where come those beings that hide in the mirror. Curiously seeking between reality and fantasy led to the pages of this booklet that guides us through its leaves to understand that, that we face when we look at our reflection, in that instrument covered in light. An exciting project throughout the process, discovering new formulas to tell stories, new paths to travel together to convey our dreams. The clues are falling around us without even realising what they mean, be aware as the answer may be closer than it seems. And as one part of the comic of Spegel - Atersken says, "Will our reflection be the most sincere part of ourselves? Or Will we be the sincerest part of our reflection?" therefore if you want to discover more do not forget to press the image, it may be the one that helps you to find yourself. Together we can find out everything that seems to hide before our eyes, thanks for joining us on this trip that appears to be without return. Visit our store to find what intrigues and amazes you.

Jewellery. JUNE - SEPTEMBER 2017, Little Birds. Little Birds is an approach to the world of both sculpture and jewellery, exploring our possibilities in this cosmos, and realizing all the potential we could develop. Playing with the anatomy of the creature itself, separating it´s head from it´s body referring to the concept "we are nothing without our head". Cultivating in each bird an intimate detail, looking for shapes, folds and textures in a way to bring nature closer to our world. And as a result of this premise small resin brooches were born that make it possible to collect heads of creatures so far forgotten. A beautiful creative process, where problems gave rise to possibilities, and being able to adapt to everything in the most appropriate way made us realize that each seed needs to be cared for and pampered to generate a strong stem and root. Enna and her sculptural skills have transported us to create this special universe, where each creature is different, as much by its unique formula of lines and forms as by its birth. To know more click on the image, to discover what more is hidden. Coming soon.

Book. JANUARY - JULY 2017, Senseless, Amongst the diffused crack that opened before us, an idea re-surfaced. A project that seemed destined to distinguish itself from the others. It would be the beginning of a great constellation of reflections that would lead us to build a book that will always be special for us, both for its beauty and for its deep feelings. Senseless tries to give meaning to our way of life, to what we consider beautiful and good, then applies all this using the reflection that we ourselves leave in a mirror. A project that will give way to a fascinating exhibition, putting us in the skin of that reflection that finds no answers in a mirror. A path where nothing seems true, but many of the words that come from that path have a certain something that leave you thinking, and if at some point we have been perplexed by what we could find in the glass of that mirror. That is why we invite you to discover all the mysteries that seem hidden, that in a few words seem to be deciphed but not without difficulty. Senseless will always be the first great project of eiyia, born from our love of books and for what they may inadvertently tell us, leaving us always captive to their printed letters, the beautifully decorated illustrations that their pages contain. It may be our first book, but we can assure you that it is only the beginning of infinitly more, as they say Alfher has hidden countless stories with the one desire to be born and become printed pages full of life. So do not forget to go into the open pages of this book, with mysteries and answers to questions that you may ask yourself and who knows maybe you find some answers, what can you lose? Click on the image to know more.