Senseless 2017. Book. Magic sometimes occurs when you least expect it, and so it was our love of books and the passion we have for creating strange experiments that Senseless appeared in our lives. A project that shows a bit of our vision of life, the reflection that we want to see in the mirror, and what is more important, what it is we feel when we look in the mirror. It is a book that talks about society, what we think it needs, love for oneself and for others, a natural love, not selfish or interested. Although we have only started with a print run of forty, we dream that it will not be long before it will become a book for a future crowdfunding, it will be exciting to discover what secrets this work contains that we feel is complete.

A book for dreamers, "Everything seems to bloom, the months pass, but at last the last page of Senseless is finished, and after an impatient wait the book was born, with problems, but worth it, only forty copies were made, each filled with a bit of luck and a lot of work. Designed to be kept in the time, atempting to grow diamonds out of the heads of all that read them, being these memories that remain throughout time. A difficult project to define, beautiful and curious, finder of new frontiers. With Sensless we have been able to learn more about the paths amongst the mist that seems the world, to get to know new people who are able to understand us, and us them. Leaves that seperate make sense but together they create something more, an idea perhaps, a truth? Nothing further from reality, creates a link between the reader and the artist, written the wrong way round so that only the brave dare to venture further, un-nerving from the beginning to the end. However, it will not be the last, Senseless has broken down barriers that once seemed impossible to solve, making us more adventurous towards the impossible, and becoming closer to being true, hoping that we can enchant different people, as if in their minds a small seed had settled, with infinite desire to see how far these pages take us. "