Senseless "Shadows seem to have dominated our world, forcing us to remain blind, to see nothing more than our closest surroundingd, why? Because they want to blindfold us?, they want us to lose the notion of time, we do not know where we live, or who we are. We are robbed of our freedom, our dreams, and they guide us to the edge with an uncertain end. We are only our reflection, what we live, what we leave as scars is what defines us, a smile, a gesture. That's what gives us wings to fly, to follow our deepest dreams, even though the nightmares never leave us alone, our dreams seem to swirl around inside our minds like little birds in the tree tops. It is time to face all that we are afraid of, for we are more courageous than we think, of what we feel in our interior. We must return to our reflection wit a solid look with not doubt, full of sincerity, our future is ours alone and no one can snatch us knowing who we are. Knights without a horse, captains without a ship to guide us in the sea, amazons without spears nor willpower, and that's when we ask ourselves what do we need to be happy, to fly again? and Senseless tries to give that answer, tries to make us guess what it is that really makes us, us, and what we can do with that will. It is difficult to live in this world, full of greed, lies, pain, injustice, and disapproval, but with a little effort we can change that, and if this book can help even if it is only a little change in someway we will be proud that we are the creators. But do not worry, because everything is not bad, this is our world, the most beautiful that exists, life emerged from chance, the fruit of millions of elements that came together to make it a reality, and that is wonderful, and hidden in all the corners, in all the cracks, in the high forests, in the rivers, in the mountains, it is there and only amongst the purest nature where we can feel that we are given something precious, and it is important to be aware of this. The world belongs to us not as a species, nor as property, but as luck, as a work of art that we can look at every second, every moment, sharing it with all the creatures that inhabit it with such kindness, with so much love.