Spegel - Atersken 2017. Comic. A project born from the depths of Senseless, considered at birth as a guide for anyone who wants to look deeper into the idea of the mirror and its meaning, with a protagonist that plunges into all the worlds that are born in the book ¨Senseless¨. It was a gratifying way to show what a mirror is, from our point of view, an old enemy of those who do not want to see their reflection, even a terrifying universe full of unknown creatures, with that certain mystical touch that leads us to create great stories based on its surface. An immense amount of work, but finally with the help of a pinch effort and a touch of magic it grew and became for us a project of its own, because it has its own personality and is unique and different from others. We want you to understand that, that its explaining and showing us. So if you are interested, you will be able to find this short story/manual in our Bokkel store. "Dreams are reflections of what we think life is."

Reflection or mirror?, "Dismayed that we can not give answers to our reflection, not knowing why it appears without rest seeking our eyes, looking for everything that we carry, imitating us to the end, So why does it always seem so alone? A response to the impossible, confused we peer into the darkness expecting to find ourselves safe there, but do we really feel that way. We are tired of escaping, but it will always find us. That is when we think of using what we learned in an old manual, a cluster of words that now seemed to make sense, "that reflection will always be your shadow and your light," its when we take a book and throw it to ourselves, and we do not avoid it, exploding in a thousand crystals, and realizing something frightening, now there are fragments of our body lying on the ground, what does this mean? We can never avoid our reflection, for this one knows us better than ourselves, and watches our every move. It is a traveler from another world that tries to end the suffering. So do not forget that just like the one trying to forget that frozen look in the mirror (that´s always there) found a solution in a guide, you could find it too. "

Nosing around with what seems our destiny, looking at the mirror for a reason to follow, but why? How important is it? maybe we're just getting carried away by foolish advice, maybe we're just forgetting what's really important. As Alice returned from her journey through the mirror, we too, must in this inner journey discover who we really are and who we want to be in the future, be brave or cowardly, be strong or weak, forget or remember. Maybe this manual does not help you to understand anything, does not give you truths, and even everything it says is false, we do not know neither. But we are sure that it will help you to know something that you did not know about yourself, to look at yourself once more in the mirror and see your eyes, recognize the color of these, shape or even what they have lived. What do you want to see in the reflection? there you will only find your truth, there is no more, but maybe we can help you, because in madness is the truest truth, where you are totally free of laws, norms or prejudices. To get to know the story behind the mirror click on any of the images above ..