Spegel - Atersken "She looked at her reflection with reserve, Why? No one knew, she just watched with caution, feeling that someone could come out of that mirror and take her hands, and without fear, but with hope, wanting to leave this world, she wanted to leave at last. She had been looking at the mirror ever since she got up until her eyes became tired, always with that object inbetween her fingers. No one could take it away, her mother felt that it was the only thing that made her happy. They described the girl as crazy, a person without sanity, but what they did not understand is that she had seen terrible things, that mirror simply reminded her that she still remained in that world and that with a little luck she could go to a country full of wonders. Her mother looked at her from the doorway feeling that she could not interfere between the reflection of the girl and the look of her, she cried because she never fully understood what had happened to her. Her father had left a while ago, more than three years ago, in a war that neither he understood, but his path made him run into a careless bullet, piercing his jacket, colliding with a mirror that couldn´t save him. That reflector of bright lights had been given to him by his daughter, this girl obsessed with hiding in her reflection. It was a pity that her mother could not protect her, since she also left, the pain consumed her after watching as her daughter was less and less herself. And adopted by relatives who saw her more as a nuisance, she ended up in an asylum, a cold place full of dead dreams. They stripped her, humiliated her and watered her like a plant, dressed her in white in a small room, but they did permit her to keep something, her mirror, for those madmen who treated the sane thought it would be a good idea. And what do you think happened? The next morning the room was completely empty, and inside it was only the bed and above it a mirror whose glass was broken, at last she was free, or perhaps she simply disappeared, leaving only a concept, an idea, what was actually real in the world? Neither the foolish nor the most educated will ever be able to answer this question, for the true sane is the one who is the craziest. Will we be able to see the truth or just hide ourselves amongst the darkest and most mediocre of lies? It is our walk amongst the world that will tell. "

The Spegel - Atersken project seeks for us to find ourselves before a dilemma, before a question and wants us to try to answer it as well as we can. We want this reflection to be internal and intimate, and then to be shared with other human beings. We believe that it is fundamental to be aware that the world only creates prejudice to create sadness, discomfort, without realizing that we are the only ones who can change this. By looking at ourselves in the mirror and understanding who we really are, could change many things. Neither gold nor silk nor the greatest of intelligences will make us good people, or make us kind, we must nurture our person only to obtain as a result a strong spirit, who does not feel remorse, for we will see all those around us alike, not because of their different skin, their gestures, their way of speaking, but as our equals, our true reflection of this world. Because the human being is only an animal that seeks to find its place in this world as immense as the earth is, and until we understand that it is our actions that define us, we can never really change anything, or at least we believe so, for nothing is true or false.