eiyia crowdfunding, eiyia was born from two creative minds with many motivations, ideas and projects in mind, and that is why, after much thought, after stopping and checking out all our possibilities we felt it was time to share what we dream about to all those people who value our work and look forward to helping some projects come to light. It is extremely difficult to start a new project, difficulties in terms of budget and time, difficulties in terms of its magnitude and the impact it has, and that is where we begin our journey into crowdfunding. Humbly we have the feeling that this could change our lives, that it could help all of you enjoy our most faithful and profound work. Between these lines you will discover our dreams, and some projects that have already arisen, that only need wings to be able to fly. The young Enna and Alfher seek to be able to live from their work, every day, every second to be able to create and share it with all those curious people, who need answers to questions that seemed unknown. It is a really complex road full of obstacles but we´re sure that together we can get through it, and most importantly learn from each other to improve and build more and better ideas every day. That is why we wish the projects that you find here, you find interesting and curious and maybe from you could be born a path to a destination full of enthusiasm and magic. Eiyia is just a light bulb, waiting to light up and provide that glimse of light for every being that is lost in the dark. We would like to create a formula to build a new world, full of letters, lines and colors and that both the one´s who are looking for a new universe and the one´s that are already in one, can find that sense that makes them continue taking steps. We thank you for the interest and support received during this time, we only wish we can always provide that freshness and mystification that we live day by day between the pages of books, among the trees with which we cross, thank you for being our stars in this dark night. Thank you. Coming soon new projects.