"Once upon a time a young woman of great ideas, who began her days building some new object or story, who was never still, so was her restlessness that she could scarcely sleep, for between the depths of her being she felt the need to shape her dreams, her thoughts. Her curiosity had no limits, she seemed to devour books, one by one, searching for secrets that would lead her to a new place, where more concepts would enter her already full head. She couldn´t stay still, always looking for some way to solve a problem, to shape that new object that she had in her memory. Day after day, without pause, and without haste, she would concentrate every moment of her life in shaping her infinite universe. But she understood that many of her concepts she could not do in solitude, she needed help from others. She searched, asked and investigated, she needed to find people who could enlighten her, that could lignite that bulb that seemed in darkness. How could she solve this problem when she was a solitary and a hermit? And it was not strange to think that she would come up with a solution, for if anyone could, she could. So she came up with a small but fundamental idea, to set up a mobile post with some of her created objects. At that moment the magic appeared, because people who passed by got to know of the beautiful work of the young woman, and rarther difficultly because of her shyness she confessed her new ideas with which she needed help. They soon became interested in her, and the pennies were accumulating to help her follow that journey she had undertaken. The light bulb in her mind was forever illuminated, there was no moment when the world did not enjoy many beautiful projects, ragdolls, hanging birds, books of potions and enchantments, paintings that move at night, heads that if you plant in your mind from seed will be born daisies, and an endless number of ideas that transformed the world into a more beautiful place. It was all thanks to the bravery of a young woman with ideas and people of great heart who decided to trust in her talent. " Coming soon new projects.