ALFHER LUPUS (16.11.92), born in Spain, feeling that his heart belonged to another world, a stranger to the customs that surrounded him, searching for that glimse of something amongst the ink, he found a reason of being, a talent for drawing and everything that could be achieved with it. His work is defined by wild lines, finding inner strength in those old and worn utensils, along with his love of old books of stories and legends that seem lost in time. At university of fine arts he discovered both light and shadow, but being close to breaking and losing the course, he met those who would be two fundamental pillars in his art, the love of his life Enna together with a tutor willing to infuse values that seemed lost , T. Thanks to this he was able to discover all the potential that he had hidden away and after a few difficulties he found shelter in England next to the family of Enna, in a town far from the noise, surrounded by nature, this will be where eiyia is born, and in the end all begins to make sense. Eiyia born in April 2017 will be the starting point, where all the ideas of these two young people stand out, immersed among the Swedish, botanical and anatomy books, Will they be able to show the world their vision?

ENNA YLIME (26.11.89), an enigmatic British citizen, a traveler of countless ways, crossed paths with one who would leave her marked, art, coming from a family with an innate talent to create things and to fix them, soon would be contagious, this love to give life to ideas. It was her steps that led her to fly over the sky and land on the Iberian peninsula, to learn a new language and with it a new culture. After years of finding her place in that atypical home, she began to study art at the University of Fine Arts, being quickly consumed by the beauty of sculpting, painting and drawing. It was the drops of paint and the ideas that lead her meet Lupus, a young man with his own anxieties and dreams. And not a long time in which the love between them arose and gave a place to eiyia. Thanks to their union, they were able to overcome the darkness that was their home, looking for an exit traveling back to the country of tea, and with the calm, begins a new life, full of brushstrokes, butterflies and creatures hidden between the tree branches. Together with the help of Enna's family, everything is better, how far will they be able to go? Only infinity will be able to answer this question