ALFHER LUPUS (16.11.92), born in Spain, feeling that his heart belonged to another world, a stranger to the customs that surrounded him, searching for that glimse of something amongst the ink, he found a reason of being, a talent for drawing and everything that could be achieved with it. His work is defined by wild lines, finding inner strength in those old and worn utensils, along with his love of old books of stories and legends that seem lost in time. At university of fine arts he discovered both light and shadow, but being close to breaking and losing the course, he met those who would be two fundamental pillars in his art, the love of his life Enna together with a tutor willing to infuse values that seemed lost , T. Thanks to this he was able to discover all the potential that he had hidden away and after a few difficulties he found shelter in England next to the family of Enna, in a town far from the noise, surrounded by nature, this will be where eiyia is born, and in the end all begins to make sense. Eiyia born in April 2017 will be the starting point, where all the ideas of these two young people stand out, immersed among the Swedish, botanical and anatomy books, Will they be able to show the world their vision?

Dreamer of stories and legends, writer of stories without end, lover of Nordic literature, especially Swedish, nightmare finder to whom to make sense, his head is always full of ideas, too many ideas ..., drawing without rest, painter on special occasions, sometimes a garden carer by day, less a dreamer at night, good memory, generous, never lazy and with day to day illusions, somewhat a pessimist, somewhat?, creator of special worlds, reader of curiosities, a wolf or at least thats what says his name, board game player, mystery researcher, technologic improviser with a good understanding of some programs, his heart belongs to Enna, and ... Ruby, a beautiful dog, beast walker, tracker of rabbits and squirrels, improviser of songs and chants diverse, poet of few sentences and professional story teller, understander of infant language, and it would seem, also of animals, good student, and a teacher sometimes, searcher of walks in spite of the weather, a raindrop counter and air tester, a sketcher of diverse ideas and projects, a sculptor's apprentice, good vision for minor detail but for some extremely essential, sky trotter, walking every night amongst the stars, decorator of magical spaces, a somewhat improvised magician, happy to listen to diverse music, especially Swedish, somewhat crazy, that is, not very sane. Never cease to strive despite being a little pessimistic, a little? lover of plants and nature in its deepest essence, curious for new ways of life, scientific studies, but not from the heart, knows some basic calculation and is a creater of new languages, sharer of ideas with Enna, creator of eiyia, good cook, collector of various objects that seem to be useless, books, more books, dreamer of a better world, creator of new worlds to hide away in, very worried about the loss of kindness in humanity, anonymous researcher of secrets hidden by our beautiful planet, artist without belief, but creator of art without knowing, good friends surround him V, P, T, and even though he´s a creature of few spoken words, his love always grows amongst those who care for him, simply a being, Alfher Lupus, who at night seems to transform into a wolf that draws illuminated by the light of the stars until dawn.