Creator of infinite worlds and colors, muse of Alfher Lupus, inspirer of magic words, bilingual, or even trilingual if we count the language of eiyia, searcher for new ways of telling stories, a great sculptor, an apprentice of infinity of subjects and teacher of thousands, optimistic, yes, much more than Alfher, creator of micro bangs, drawer between breaks, lover of the details of the world, seeker of pages full of illustrations in old fairy books, deep defender of shelves full of things, professional painter, if it wasn´t for her height you could consider what she makes to be miniatures, great teacher and curious student, sometimes garden carer by day with knowledge of plants, creator of birds and animals, reformer of anything, dreammaker, trainer of endless beasts, from her head are born minerals and flowers, great businesswoman, creator next to Alfher of new languages, singer of voice changing, lover of the opera, enterprising, understander of all that surrounds her, a searcher of hidden treasures, a mixer of millions of colors, she lacks time, and has too many ideas, an official translator of everything Alfher writes, without exception, an innate swimmer, and a seshell finder and of mushrooms in the woods, great love of animals, especially the wolves, a friend of technology and a friend of friends, V, T, P and admirer of her parents, obligatory walker and teacher of calm, creature of big dreams and with a look lost amongst the stars, big heart inside and a wise mind in her head, first to smile when a laugh is needed, athlete of great talent, especially in basketball, sincere, honest, and brave, with interior strength, an unbelieving artist but with great talent, a good cook, but not as much as Alfher, a great companion in life, charmer of animals, and a protector of plants, who lives in the calm and beauty of the world, aware that some ideas could turn it into a better place, passionate reader of magical books, and mystical stories, model in short periods of time, and dancer in limited time, artist of heart and soul, so special that surely she´s not from here, perhaps from Saturn.

ENNA YLIME (26.11.89), an enigmatic British citizen, a traveler of countless ways, crossed paths with one who would leave her marked, art, coming from a family with an innate talent to create things and to fix them, soon would be contagious, this love to give life to ideas. It was her steps that led her to fly over the sky and land on the Iberian peninsula, to learn a new language and with it a new culture. After years of finding her place in that atypical home, she began to study art at the University of Fine Arts, being quickly consumed by the beauty of sculpting, painting and drawing. It was the drops of paint and the ideas that lead her meet Lupus, a young man with his own anxieties and dreams. And not a long time in which the love between them arose and gave a place to eiyia. Thanks to their union, they were able to overcome the darkness that was their home, looking for an exit traveling back to the country of tea, and with the calm, begins a new life, full of brushstrokes, butterflies and creatures hidden between the tree branches. Together with the help of Enna's family, everything is better, how far will they be able to go? Only infinity will be able to answer this question