Candy Candy Jewerllery, Queens Arcade, Leeds (2017, October) Bubble Witch, Thanks to a good friend Sarah, we got to meet Candy Candy Jewellery a small store located in the heart of Leeds with a unique personality. The owner, a young woman named Helena, seeks to create a place where any witch, magician or curious person in the world will feel at home. A great person with similar tastes to us, offered to be able to show our work in that place full of the most curious of products. And there we are with a renewed desire to design hundreds of new products to make their way to those hidden drawers of that amazing store. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places we have been able to be part of, besides the people who live there are full of love and friendship. We can say that if luck accompanies us this place will become a magical corner in our hearts. If you want to know more about this little shop do not forget to look for it because you will find spells that will leave you instantly enchanted, CandyCandyUk. We have been very fortunate to run into these places and be able to leave our mark on them, soon you will know more news of this great project, by the way, do not forget to click on the image of the witch at the side, she will thank you, she is a young woman with an uneasy look, maybe just maybe it's just because her mind is full of great ideas, What do you think? It will be your task to investigate further.

Theatre Royal Wakefield (2017, September) Senseless, After a year of waiting, with emotion and butterflies in our stomachs, we returned to where everything began, to this magical place, a place full of history and memories. And what better than to present our first book ¨Senseless¨ with an event full of people and our favorite music. And just as our first year, this exhibition was incredible, we were able to observe what people thought, and we managed to steal a few words of encouragement and support. It was a night where the stars seemed to look upon us, and turn that place into a source of inspiration. A path that we started together a year ago and that now seems to bear its small fruits, turning what was previously frustration into illusion, what was once despair in dreams, wanting to conquer more emblematic buildings such as the Theatre Royal Wakefield, with hope to take magic to small cities with our particular vision, will we achieve it? You never know, but in this place we could see how bird heads could be transformed into chocolates, and brooches, as letters turn and cannot be read unless you had a mirror, and how nightmares we all harbor, can leave us alone if we concentrate on the truly important thing, that is to discover all those mysteries that the world can give us drop by drop. To know more click on the image next to this, thank you.

Hope Gallery, Batley (2017, November) Varelse, Varelse comes out again to settle between the walls of a beautiful building and an extremely caring place, yes we are talking about Hope Gallery. A gallery run by Caroline Gillat, a person who loves art in all its forms, a seeker of hidden treasures in the depths of cities, and fortunately with the help of our exhibition at the Theatre Royal Wakefield, we were able to meet her and venture into a new and exciting adventure. This will be the first time we exhibit in a gallery with some pieces of our collection ¨Varelse¨ on sale, What will happen? Who knows, but the important thing is that eiyia returns to venture on a trip where we can hear the opinions that people have about our work and perhaps hopefully one of them could maybe find a new home. With lots of hope to see what future projects are born from here, so if you want to know more about this endless adventure of ours, click on the image and you will discover a little more about what is hanging on the walls of Hope Gallery in Batley. Our young knights travel through the sky looking for new eyes to conquer, will they be able to go so far that we can not even imagine it? With lots of excitement put into this project, we will tell you everything we know amongst these lines of words, on our travels to Hope Gallery.

35 Chapel Walk Art, Sheffield with Knot Art (2017, February) Senseless, In collaboration with Knot Art we realized our first collective exhibition in England, giving us the oportunity to get to know a wonderful city new to us, Sheffield. Arising this event from the exhibition in the theatre we were able to meet the creators of Knot Art who invited us to exhibit in coordination with other artists, in a wonderful event. Senseless thought out to work with any idea, helped us to look for new ways to share our work, to the point of feeling that everything we do has that point of no sense. You would need to look deeper and immerse yourself in the lines to really discover what it is we want to express. We were able to marvel at that city that seemed to be covered with an aura of mystery and that inpsired us to make our work a little bit better with each new experience. We had a new confidence in a constant collaboration with Knot Art, whose creators, two young enthusiasts of art wanted to bring this universe closer to every walker to cross their path with these exhibitions, creating a special bond with these people. Finally, after many years of work, we are able see how the seeds we planted start to bloom, and we wish you to discover how this little trip we took gave way to great new ideas, that made us a little wiser, to face more challenges considering the world is full of wonderful people who only seek to cover those things that seem cruel with a touch of beautiful mystery.

Theatre Royal Wakefield (2016, September) Varelse, Varelse will always be the beginning of the new path we are taking, the origin of the magic that is being produced day by day, something that will always be very special both for the event itself as for the place we had the pleasure of hanging our work, Theatre Royal Wakefield, a place with a special charm, which seemed to have been frozen in time. It was the words in the wind (U.P.) that attracted us to this beautiful building, full of people with great illusions and dreams, and with the help of many of these people we made our first and most valuable exhibition. We had just finished our final project, about to start a new cycle in a country that was unknown to us but at the same time very familiar, and the opportunity arose. It was a solo exhibition, and we decided to dedicate an infinite number of hours to work on this project, it was really important for us, and this was how both eiyia and Varelse were born. We decided to create an environment where curiosity invaded the walls, with magnifiers everywhere to observe secrets that were hidden in the pictures, as references to stories, stories from which you needed to decipher the symbols. It was magical, and if you want to know a little more about what happened that month, do not be afraid and immerse yourself in the illustration at the side, surely some surprise´s you will discover of that exhibition that will always be really special, the beginning of a road that seems to have no end. Thank you. Inside the illustration