Every exhibition is an important episode in the life of every artist, and it is at that moment where we can see the love of people for every stroke you have left, to see how they can understand the vision you have, and even understand something they seemed not to in the beginning. In Sheffield, together we discovered a new road, a new city, new people who crossed our path and who happened to tell you about their experiences. It is difficult to understand how much your life can change, because it was thanks to Varelse that we got the chance to meet Knot Art, and everything that came afterwards. We are still at the beginning, but we realize that sometimes the world is painted in strange ways by ignorance, because it is beautiful, but in each corner you can find something that is really worth being observed. We felt that something of Eiyia remained in Sheffield, and this was introduced into our heart, for we not only exposed a concept, but lived and walked the streets of that beautiful city, creating a memory we will not forget, because each anecdote, each step complements us and helps us to build our work as it is, art simply becoming life, in the same way by meeting one person and another. And we always ask the same question, Where will this next step take us?, but we will never know the answer, until we take that step, we will have to work very hard, but the rewards will be unimaginable, because we will discover something, we will become conquerors of concepts, because every place, every person, every object, contains something magical inside. "

When everything began, the passers-by started to enter the building, discovering each work of art, every secret hidden throughout the exhibition. While the music naturallly flowed, it certainly seemed a place to be able to understand and enjoy art more and to understand how important it is for a happy society. We enjoyed every second, and on a few occasions we took walks below the night´s sky discovering the magic of a city we had never seen before. And to our surprise there were botanical gardens, glorious sculptures and exhibitions of classic art. We discovered that we had much more in common with this place, each street inspired us, gave us an idea, gave us a new project. The train ride from this place was sad, but we know that sooner or later we will return, and just like this time we will leave another seed of curiosity and creativity.


Do not forget to visit the page of KNOT ART to know more about their future projects and their new ideas, who knows if we will be part of any of their future exhibitions. We hope you enjoyed reading about this trip so atypical in our lives, and that without a doubt gives us a pleasant memory, full of colour, flowers and wonderful people.