35 Chapel Walk Art, Sheffield with Knot Art (2017, February)

Senseless, Our first exhibition in England with other artists and accompanied by two art-loving sisters who made this event possible. It was difficult to see how just a few months after Varelse we would take part in another exhibition, but so it was, in a wonderful place like Sheffield. When we arrived in that beautiful city we found that it was bigger than we thought. After a long train journey, we were in front of a vast number of buildings, and Chapel Walk Art was one of those streets. Nervous with our paintings in our arms, we began to walk restlessly to find out where this gallery was hiding, and it was thanks to the local people who guided us on footpaths until we came to see a small sculpture that would lead us to that magical space in which became 35 Chapel Walk Art. Upon entering we saw how everything was beginning to take shape, we were early, and it was just beginning to get light. So we began to ponder on the best space to place our mischievous  artwork. It was nail to nail until we finished placing our artwork on the walls, and waiting nervously for the beginning of that beautiful night full of surprises and good words of encouragement. We were at the beginning of what would be a great celebration of art.

Surely once you get to this point you will wonder who are KNOT ART ? And although we are sure that if you ask the creators themselves they will surely inform you better, but first we would like to talk a little about our experience with them, and what it meant to us to work along side them in this exhibition. Knot Art is formed by two young art lovers, Jenny and Miranda Jones, they themselves define that Knot Art's main objective is simple: 'To create opportunities for artists of all disciplines to share their work'. They seek to transmit that passion that many feel for creativity, crafts, art and all those branches that make us human, amongst all types of public, opening the possibilities in the community, helping artists to be able to show their work more easily, to share their talent in a more relaxed and close environment. Working with them was very enjoyable, they wanted the artists to feel comfortable, and that they could also meet exciting new places like Sheffield. Now the real adventure begins with Knot Art, not knowing which way it could take us, but it´s sure to be the start to a great friendship with these two sisters discovering new and magical cities of England. We are sure that we will share more experiences with Knot Art, an endless road opens up ahead.