"The paintings seemed nervous, complaining about not being able to go home, it was when these nervous creatures had to be dismounted from the wall to travel with us again. A month full of adventure, of emotion and sadness, but with that feeling of having made things right, with the help of our loved ones we moved the works back home. One by one they fell off the wall, eager to leave and it was as if our shyness had been transmitted in every brushstroke and scribble, but they seemed more content, as if sharing their beauty would have helped them feel complete. Emotional we closed the doors of the theatre, remembering that we will return, and that those whitish walls will take care of our rebellious paintings once again, full of ideas and projects. Full of ideas and projects was our depart,reading a small article in the local paper, realizing that everything was real, that the knight mounted on her steed would decorate the interior of the theatre for decades to come, and trusting that we would be part of that building, so magical and full of life. "


If you are still in the doubt of knowing more about this special place don´t hesitate and press on "Theatre Royal Wakefield", surely it will surprise you like it did to us the first time that we discovered it.