Theatre Royal Wakefield (2016, September) Varelse. "A journey without return to a place that left us breathless the moment we entered its walls, full of history and mystery, a place that seemed designed for our work to be within its walls." Secrets rumbled inside, as if they wanted to charm us, we walked between the narrow corridors until we looked at that room with white walls, and it was then when we realised it was the right place for our ideas, to hang all the effort we had in our hearts. Great things were achieved that month, we were able to create a mural on those walls, with beautiful velvet curtains that reminded us that anything could happen in the theatre. Every moment made it more difficult to keep calm, all the works were hung, each one of them, we waited for the opening of the doors to let in all those curious beings that sought to discover some enigma, and it was like in an instant everything seemed to move without control. Dozens of people stood in front of those drawings and with a magnifying glass in hand began to search the enigmas we kept, intrigued asking us, what does this symbol mean? Why minerals on the head? And we answered by showing some solution to their doubts amongst those drawings that were stacked on those milky white walls."

"Those pictures began to create diverse doubts, conversations between the attendants, looking for some response, feeling part of that moment, and without a doubt full of illusion to know more about our work, there arose words full of encouragement, and that support not only got noticed between those walls, but also from other places that brought strength to us, helping more and more nerves to disappear. Then when that room seemed to be full, we unveiled a secret that we kept between curtains of red velvet, the mural appeared between applause. An instant worthy of memory, where the work that had hidden days of work was exposed before dozens of people, who began to applaud our effort, this was certainly a reason to continue creating dreams, creating new worlds. We arranged to reveal the winners of a little riddle that we introduced in envelopes, where gold was the answer. Little by little the light left the building, leaving only the stars, and it was the moment when the doors closed, leaving that memory only in those people who came, in us and the most important in the eyes of the paintings we created, it was the first time that our characters saw someone different from us, who shared the secrets without fear of feeling misunderstood, magic that day appeared and we will never forget this exhibition that will accompany us in memory our whole life. Beautiful people, beautiful words and an atmosphere that we want to create in each new place that we owe origin, in every space that we occupy with our work. "