28/01/2019 What is Bokkel Magazine 002?

It is a magazine full of enigmas, puzzles and various games of madness that is placed in the world of Bokkel, it is the second number after our successful Bokkel Magazine 001 whose Kickstarter managed to raise 250% of its goal. What is it about? There will be 100 magic magazines, 40 pages each, full of crazy games and detailed illustrations that will help you solve the main enigma of this magazine, where is the queen's crown? and ah! why not, each magazine will contain several unique surprises from the Kickstarter, do you dare to immerse yourself in this world? Made with 100% recycled materials, we look for an eco-friendly and ecologic formula to share our art and above all to create fun and unusual games and stories that are entertaining. We were looking for an adequate size (A5) to be able to show off the great amount of detail in the ilustrations and to make it easier to interact with. Why is this version so special? There will only be 100 magazines signed, numbered and with a special secret, each magazine will contain a unique and special stamp. Take a look below.



Nobody could believe what is happening in Bokkel Factory, a new magazine, full of surprises, full of countless and insatiable questions, what do we have inside our head? Are we able to find out? Maybe just maybe with this magazine there is some hope for an answer. Submerging yourself in this project will not only be fun, it will also entail a great responsibility, you may loose your head on the way and we can not assure that it can be returned. Something as heavy as a head is hard to resend, don´t you think? It is time to discover those dreams that govern us, those nightmares that seem to enter our subconscious, everything that makes us ashamed and what makes us proud, will we be able to understand everything? To be able to respond to the illogical ?. Do not forget to take the opportunity to investigate more about this project, just click on the image on the right, and there you can hope to at least glimpse at a few solutions, hold your head well before embarking on this journey where we will travel to every corner of your mind , and in the best case you end up with just one more dilemma, do you dare ?. The Bokkel factory certifies that the entire process for the creation of this book is ecological and illogical.


For months I have not written, for months I have not flown, but now that is not the case, there is news so difficult to get my feathers on that I can give myself the merit for such a feat. Readers of my column, with my great talent to put my beak where it´s not wanted I managed to steal from a small mouse a beautifully decorated box if I must say. And you may say, how could you be able to steal from such a small creature?, for your consolation I can tell you that I had to endure a couple of bites in the wing besides a huge headache for all their screams, damn rats ... but this is not what I want to deal with, it's what was in the box, to my surprise the box was full of stamps, I knew that mouse was a messenger of Eiyia, so I took advantage of the occasion. Seals beautifully decorated with princesses and queens from our past, this time they had their heads on their shoulders, but for how long? I do not know, but what I know is that inside those envelopes there was a note that said "preparations for the craziest magazine ever created, play with delicacy", could this marvelous project be about to come to light? for people who have lost heads. Something tells me that when my claws touch the streets those illustrated papers will become brilliant and magical, and I must confess that I do love the darkness so this won´t make me very happy. I am going to try to sabotage some other mouse or two to find out more. Although for your peace of mind this time I will take a vacuum, so they will not be able to catch me. Do not fear my ever so devoted readers your favorite dodo will resist and maybe finally Bokkel factory will be forced to open those doors and we can see what is inside, but until then I will look for clueless mice, that with their small legs carry more than one package. Do not forget to look everywhere, maybe you will find some of these rodents, at last I feel able to hunt my nightly questions and reveal them to the world.


Finally, after three months of work, we can proudly present Bokkel Magazine, the first one, we hope that it will not be the last. A magazine that deals with various topics which could completely make us lose our minds. Looking for people as little sane as we are, we decided to share this project through Kickstarter, and the acceptance has been so surprising that it will surely help us to be able to create more magazine´s like this one. You will ask, What is it about? In this first magazine we have created a selection of illustrated demential games as the basis of the 40 pages that compose it, all full of infinite details, trying to surprise the reader with some ideas that are difficult to solve or that have no right answer and others that are so easy that maybe they could make you doubt your senses. Every day that passes more and more people are getting their hands on one of these special editions, there are only 100 in total, all signed, numbered and with a surprise? and with a commemorative stamp of this event. Something special as you can see, to know more about this exciting and magical project, click on the image and it will take you directly to Bokkel Make 100 Magazine. The madness is beginning to flood the streets, and we love that, will it be possible to make those people who believe themselves sane look slightly crazy? We thank you and welcome you to the beginning of a magazine that we will stand by until the time comes for it to leave us. It is advisable to say, be aware of the news, who knows what good articles journalists have left around here? Starting a new year with hope and enthusiasm, feeling supported by you, its magical, believe us, we only hope that you like all the new work that will come soon and that surely will be full of secrets and enigmas very difficult to manage. So now you know for more information click on the image on the right and find out a little more about this exciting adventure.


My adventures never end, I love discovering new creatures, areas of land never trodden and oceans of dinosaurs, but I am also passionate about tasting strange dishes for my palate. I'll tell you about this little adventure that came out of nowhere. I woke up like any other day and discovered that the world had changed, wonder how something like that could happen? Well, I still do not know, but everyone gave me packages wrapped in different colors, it was as if they wanted me to discover what was inside without opening them. I must confess that before tasting those exotic dishes, I discovered amongst those colourful papers a baby dinosaur, too small in fact, so to this day I will take care of him and I am sure I will tell you more about him at some point, but now this is not the case, after a day opening soft packages, I found a high place where if you sat down and waited long enough, succulent food began to arrive. The first thing I ate was bread coated with tomatoes and small pieces of food, ham, peppers, tomatoes, and a golden fruit with a refreshing taste. But on that day without dispair, the unexpected happened, a great big cake with bright lights around it, flew over to me, it seemed that it did not belong on this planet, and after tasting a single spoonful I could no longer contain my appetite, I had never tasted tremendous delicacy, I'll call it cakeasaurus, a great discovery in that day full of people giving me packages, maybe they did not know how to open them? I still have to investigate about this food and this bright day, what adventure will be next ?



I still feel in a state of stupor, luckily I managed to pass myself off as a bird with a human mask and I was able to sneak into Senseless, and to my surprise in that event, they were eating their heads! Poor creatures, they were not enough only to decorate necks, but now they also cover them in chocolate and eat them, how crude ... I still feel the chills, but I can tell you that I am collecting information about eiyia, they say they are sculptures, they say it's just chocolate, and who the hell could believe that? I do not, although I must say that they did taste like chocolate, although I did not try them, I know what I'm talking about. I am closer to unveiling their hidden secrets, and eventhough you believe that my intelligence is enough in this case I feel that something escapes me flying, but soon I will inform you with a secret that will surely dismantle that day and night factory of nightmares. Soon I will inform you of the new project that these beings have in their hands, what will it be? tiny people, stone animals ... I will find out, I promise on my great beak.


The days begin to cool and I would love to say that I love the winter but this is far from the truth, that is why I start to get more nervous at this time of year, and I become very curious, and although I promised myself I would not enter the Bokkel factory again, I did. It was a night too cold to fall asleep, so I decided to get answers to those questions that fluttered in my head as if they were delicious birds. So I approached the factory and looked for a new crack, and eventually I found one. That night it seemed that no one inhabited that place, but to my surprise it was not too cold, indeed, I had to take off my blue scarf. So I began to rummage astutely for answers amongst the hundreds of cupboards full of drawers and shelves, I could not find anything, everything was too much for my eyes to perceive something of interest, but my clumsy fingers slipped on a notebook that hit the ground. It opened wide, what would that revelation be that stood before me? With my great sense of smell I saw that it was a new idea of these creatures that carved the heads of birds. It seemed that they were creating a new manual, but this time it was of different games, but it was after passing a few pages that I felt like my pointy ears froze, there was an illustration of a fox and a rabbit, but that carnivore full of beauty to my surprise was enormously like me, did they discover me on the last visit? I ripped out the page and slipped through the crack, but I found myself unfortunately rather scared, how do they know who I am? I work in the most severe anonymity, with this I am not saying that I am one of the creatures drawn, it only reminded me of myself, I will have to look for more information about this notebook full of riddles.


When you venture out to find a story you can always lose track and lose that precious information, but fortunately I found an invitation after much search and so I could enter that place, the Theatre Royal Wakefield, and to my surprise there was that mysterious book that I was able to observe once before, I also found its pages covering the entire wall, hundreds of nails grasping them firmly. I was able to take some pictures of that place, I got caught up in that atmosphere, I felt captivated, and in that moment I understood the madness of my colleague Ovan, there were the heads of birds, some were eaten in chocolate form and others on the other hand weren´t, strange. I could not find more information than what the walls whispered to me. I left completely forgetting why I had gone there, feeling happy to be able to say that amongst those walls there was a breath of nature, as the people who walked there felt kind and beautiful, what spell did those who founded Bokkel hide? It's time to find the truth behind all these lines, will I be able? ...


Following closely the movements that seem to flourish from the Bokkel factory I think I found something valuable. I am an astute and quite cautious reporter, I have achieved what I wanted, what the birds have never achieved, although they are delicious. My nose is sharp and I found a crack of my size, and that's how I went into one of the rooms in Bokkel, and you'll wonder what I found? Everything was dark, the moonlight barely entered through the windows, letting me see only a metal machine, I still did not know what it could be, maybe a monster, but two pieces of paper fell swaying in the air, as if they wanted me to see. They were two sketched drawings of women, there was something in them that I recognized but I still do not quite know what they were exactly and for my fear I heard the steps of some creatures inhabiting that gigantic place enter. 


They carried a candle, it looked like a mouse, everything was very strange but I was scared, I must confess that despite being a fox I felt totally out of my habitat. I jumped into the crack to get out, but something happened, something hit me hard against the wall, there was no way out, what was happening?, then all of a sudden a luminous creature began to scream in a language unknown to me. I hid under that terrifying machine, what should I do? What were those pages I found? Thanks to magic, cards always fly away when you send them, and luckily I had  one waiting in my pocket, I clung on to it and with an grand impulse I got fired out of the window. But, I still do not know why but those drawings contained the months of the year, what were eiyia preparing? Are they trying to control time, I'm still bruised by that adventure, but I promise to solve this mystery of that stranded factory in the middle of nowhere.


Everything is happening very fast, I am in my room writing this article with a terrifying feeling, I have managed to discover some of the names of the kidnapped birds for the Bokkel factory, although it is true that I have never seen any enter that place, the heads are too real to be false, my feathers are tireless to find out more, What is it that they hide? Linaes, perdix perdix, corvus and passeridae are some of the names of my family birds, what's going on? I ask everywhere and the only answer is a date, September the 27th, what happens that day? I'm so nervous that I feel like I'm going to lay an egg at any time, thank goodness that's impossible, or so I think so. I'll be so close that my beak is at stake, I love my head, even though it recieves alot of bumps. This is terrible! I can not allow this rapture of innocent birds to happen without impunity, I must find out why they seek to keep bird's heads not as beautiful as mine, although I prefer that my mind remains stuck to my neck. I will manage to sneak into that event without head nor tail, held in that theatre, I will seek to give answers to these crimes if that is what they really are.


When you have experienced many years in the same industry eventually you end up getting used to its interior, all the secrets and mysteries it hides, but Bokkel started very recently, I would say if my memory does not fail me that it did not exist a year ago. And it was when eiyia appeared and between four walls was built a wonderful factory, a place that often seems to me as if it had no ceiling, with countless shelves full of worn books that cover the walls, and between them leaves that seem to intertwine with each corner. There is always someone there, I will never know exactly what it is they are creating, but every now and then I receive some letters from there, and with this one specifically I realized how important it could be, that that they create for the world. I received a booklet, which explained how to use a mirror, anyone would say, what use does that have? but I certainly found answers that I had never thought of. It seems that those walls have made those two minds bloom, they seem to grow seeds on the soil of Bokkel. I can not inform you of too much, because I do not know too much, every morning I observe what seems to be a light inside, and I would swear that it is always gone when I pass by, I still can not imagine what exists in there. As I said in the beginning when one spends so many years observing the world and its industry, you can see that this nation needs eiyia, and their factory of dreams. Now I find myself looking at those tall brick walls,feeling the rain drops on my face, knowing that someday I will be able to know completely that that they hide in that place and finally feel that I found that that seemed to be lacking in the world. Spegel-Atersken is the name of that specific letter, in the meantime I will continue to plant seeds, even if you did not even know it, my shop specializes in them, which generates beautiful flowers of many colors, What will be the next thing I hear from Bokkel ?



Dear friends and allys, as you know the exhibition is fast approaching and like a shooting star there will only be one opportunity to experience it, which is why the Bokkel factory have printed and hand tied all the invitations, and soon they will seek their owners. It is important to warn you all that they may contain surprises because only two of them contain a touch of gold inside, that will certainly make them very valuable. 

So if you find yourself with one of these invitations take a look and maybe lady luck is on your side and gold will shine. As the saying goes "time is gold" and a visit to the theatre is more than a sufficient show of your love and support on this path. A path that seems to have countless ramifications from where to create new ideas. We look forward to seeing you on the 27th of September at the Theatre Royal Wakefield, and do not forget to bring with you the invitations, if gold is your colour, What prize do you think will appear?



As you well know I am rather distinguished by my discoveries, by my insane curiosity, but all this gives results, I have discovered something that left me completely stunned, invisibility...... You will be wondering how all this arose, how can you discover lakes in the city and then discover the mystery of not being seen? but I have a great talent to discover things that no-one else seems to notice exist. It all happened one morning just like any other, next to my tireless companion Arual, looking for a new mountain in the forest, or some hairy creature without a name, when I closed my eyes and everything seemed to disappear, I never realized this until Arual asked. Where is Yelllot? What was happening, I was hidden from any curious eyes, I had disappeared for a few seconds, it was when I began to try it out and it worked again and again, anyone who wanted to find me if I closed my eyes stopped looking because I was gone. As you can see in the photograph, I do not exist and I assure you that I was standing there, but with my eyes closed. This new discovery, I think I will call it, the invisible blink, I hope it does not stop working because now Arual is looking for me and I must disappear for a while, I think I'm close to another adventure related to sad songs that are sung year after year to celebrate the birth of some mystical creature. I will keep you informed, even if you do not see me I can assure you that I may be behind you, but do not fear I did not yet learn how to be in two places at once, time will tell. This world is gigantic, but I promise to tell you all the secrets I discover, think about it, now no one can see me.


It seems that I am close to solving this confused situation, I have followed the trail of one of the boxes containing heads, as I rested my feathers over my forehead for a second, this could not be happening, I felt my neck increasingly far from my beak. The box was being carried by a mouse, he was dressed very elegantly, although he soon noticed the sound of my cautious steps, perhaps it was the stumbling I had with a metal bucket earlier. But that was not all, he left traces of cheese that went straight to where I imagined, to Bokkel, Eiyia´s factory. Luck was on my side, but it was when some of my feathers fell to the floor, when I found a poster, was it a bird or a woman, I could not believe it, what were they doing now? I do not remember seeing anyone with those feathers so beautifully decorated. Those beings were celestial, but they intrigued me because they had human heads, would they be giving another use to the bodies of those bird skulls of the boxes. Everything seemed to make sense, I stole one of those posters and began to analyze it, nothing seemed too strange except that creature. I am plucked, totally empty before this immensity of information, and being of a species as lucky as mine I can not understand how I haven´t yet found the answer to all this. They say that Enna is behind all this, and I must get information about it, it seems that they are distributing those posters everywhere. Could it be a new species, although I must confess that I am aware of  little of that, that surrounds me, so just to be sure, I will arrange a meeting with the strange owners of the factory. If I have no luck, I will have to fly or at least try to get to the roof to have a look for other methods equally as effective. I must find meaning to this nonsense, How can one easily lose his head? 


This is an event never seen before, or at least I believe so, stamps have been seen flying in the heavens, and not from just anywhere but from the factory of Bokkel, curious way of looking for letters. I still could not tell you how many they were, I do not remember too accurately but they were many and they all went to different places. It seems that smoke is coming out of the chimneys of the factory, new toys are being built, stamps are flying, it's all very intriguing, what will those letters carry? Although you may not think so, I am trying to get one, it will be an arduous task but try I will, if I remember.

All seems imminent, there are many things happening, and all of them full of emotion, I still did not yet get an exclusive from eiyia, the owners of that giant factory covered with green leaves. What are you preparing? I must find the notes that escaped from my table, in them I had much more information about this event, it is all the fault of that damn changing weather. But as you know me, I never hesitate to look for new schemes and I will follow these stamps to give some meaning to what I am seeing, how do they get them to fly so high? crossing the clouds as if nothing. I´m certain they are sending canned letters in books, but I still have to fine tune my theory, because I can not remember where I wrote all the information I had, those tricky wells of obscurity in the wind.


It is undoubtedly a great discovery, I am still nervous about what happened, but it is also traumatic what happened, I almost drown in a lake, how could this be? you say. I still don´t understand very well what happened, but walking along quietly I discovered that the city can be a place full of unimaginable things, such as this huge lake. It could have measured a hundred meters and deep I would not dare to say, as my height is unimaginable, but as I said I almost drowned. It was with a sigh of relief that I got out of there with only my ankles a little soggy. You could comtemplate an infinite amount of objects inside, whatñs more, I could see myself... The city has a curious way of hiding these abysses, but at least I can say that there is a lake named by me in England. Luckily Arual held my hand to navigate along it, we can say without exaggerating one bit that this discovery almost cost me my life, and fortunately I was able to get a photograph. What did you call it? I suppose you will ask, well nothing more and nothing less than the lake of dinosaurs, as it reminded me immensely of ancient travelers of the earth drinking from its waters. Do not be afraid for me, I will survive an almost impossible challenge, but I am as eager as ever to pick up my pens and write about a new adventure, because although you may not know, every day I discover something new, perhaps not as shocking as this lake in the middle of the city but just as curious. I will keep you informed in this newspaper of any new events of relevance that happen to me, although honestly after this scare I do not know if any mystery will make me lose my desire for adventure. 


Last minute! These artists have lost their minds, and never better said, it seems that they have not yet satiated their thirst to create and now they are looking for new victims, yes, victims, they behead little birds. Do you think I exaggerate? They are heads of poor animals with no pain in their necks. Just to look at them is enough, they are incredibly faithful to reality, so I suspect something is plotting, I hope they do not separate my head from my neck, I am a great intrepid journalist.

But that is not the case, it seems that these heads are being comercialised, or at least that is their intention, me myself as the dodo that I am, can understand how they feel. Although it is true that I do not particularly like these small birds, but for the sake of their species, and so that they do not become extinct, I must intervene. Maybe I'm not very clever, but I know these resin birds are real, you do not realize the amount of detail, their eyes sparkle. But do not worry, I will seek the solution to this enigma, I will put my feathers to work and inquire about these lost heads.



Letters that flew over the night to reach me, the wind seems to be rather unconcerned, leaving me with no information what so ever, I wonder if it will have forgotten where I am. It seems that eiyia has created something in their particular factory, or thats what the letter said, I really should re-read it, but nevertheless I think I do not know where it is, or maybe it´s hidden. The fact is that this news is present, I received a cardboard box with drawings inside, it seemed to say something until by my surprise it jumped from the table, and I discovered that inside it had figures, of all types, at least I think it did, I think they were three beautifully decorated ones. It was magical, I ran to photograph it for this article, and luckily I got a picture, it seemed that it wanted to play with me. At last I was able to try out this new item from Bokkel, so they say is the name of the factory that eiyia use for all of this, it was exciting to play, I had never felt this way, it was so frustrating but at the same time addictive. It's a shame that it´s in hiding, I'm currently seeking it out, but you must be careful because the letter said; "The closer the ideas are, the closer they are to forming and flying out the window, the important thing is that they will be ..." oh I don´t seem to remember much more, I could not locate where I left all of this, although I would swear as a journalist that they escaped, the articles I am going to write always seem doomed to be incomplete. I'll leave you with what little I could find of this news, but I would be attentive to more news, different and I suppose complete, that I will leave here, I do so want to have fun again with this game.


On Wednesday, September the 27th, something very exciting is going to happen, an exhibition full of enigmas, because ¨Senseless¨ will be presented for the first time, a small limited edition book that shows us who we really are, or at least it will try to, accompanied by some very daring birds, well more than bold, headless. It will be an amazing event, because there are hidden secrets, intrigues that need to be clarified. For all those who do not yet know what all this is about, let's clarify something more. It is said that in Wakefield there is a theatre full of dreams, whose history is reflected in its walls, and it is only there, where all this is going to happen, a new adventure will appear, and eiyia will be behind it. Enna accompanied by Lupus will reveal sweets that will leave you feeling headless, letters that can lead you to dream in an infinity of paths and passages. There is less than a month left and all the preparations are ready, we are eager to offer an exciting journey, a crazy situation in which the public are encouraged to participate, what? Did you think that you would be sitting there doing nothing? No, in Senseless everything is possible, and even more so if you are in the Theatre Royal Wakefield, because all has taken it´s time to be created, and finally the pages will appear flying everywhere, don´t forget maybe take an umbrella, you never know if it will rain. Bring your friends, family, and everyone you know that may be interested in illusionism, because we always try to marvel, and try we will, because we want you to have an extremely interesting experience, although, as long as you don´t have a bad time, we will be more than happy. Ah, we almost forgot, try to bring some gold, silver or bronze because there are objects that maybe available to exchange to take home, its exciting, do you not think? (By the way, when we refer to bringing gold, silver or bronze we mean there will be many products availble, although we worship the shiny we need something to help us carry on creating) Soon you will know more, so watch out for the news that comes, because in this newspaper you never know the next news that will be and we say it to you seriously, we don´t even know ourselves... Have a beautiful day covered with rain.